Welcome Coral Springs Police Department Family

National Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255
Employee Assistance Program: 800-554-6931

The information provided on this site has been gathered by our peers in an effort to help heal our wounds. They are valuable resources available for us and our families in times of need.

Peer Support





Licensed Clinicians Available through EAP

Confidential services are available to covered employees and household members. You have access to a list of Cigna providers that are dedicated to and experienced in supporting First Responders. Talk to Cigna clinicians over the phone, through live chat, or face-to-face. Your EAP plan covers 8 FREE visits per member of household (per issue) for the calendar year. If you need continued treatment, the coverage may be extended for Cigna covered members under the medical plan.



If you make an appointment and do not like your clinician or you are not satisfied with the visit, contact Cigna to request an alternate.

DISCLAIMER on “How it Works”-  If you Voluntarily call Cigna and receive any sort of service, It will remain 100% Confidential!  All of your information is kept private between you and your clinician. If you are Mandated to go to EAP, the City will be advised of your compliance with therapy sessions.