Coral Springs Police Department Peer Support

National Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255
Employee Assistance Program: 800-554-6931

The information provided on this site has been gathered by our peers in an effort to help heal our wounds. They are valuable resources available for us and our families in times of need.

Peer Support





Official Peer Group

All matters discussed with our members are 100% confidential and we are committed to bridging the gap that exists between you and a qualified mental health specialist.

Peer Support Team

Anthony CassiniBurglary Investigator
Arthur KingSergeant
Bill ReidSpecial Victim Unit
Clyde ParryChief of Police
Chantel MearsSergeant - Patrol
Derek FernandesSergeant - Traffic Unit
Ebony WinnSergeant - General Investigation
Edmond DeRosaLieutenant - Patrol
Gerald IrwinCaptain
James BosticOfficer - Youth Liaison Unit
James KabanOfficer - Patrol Unit
Machelle ReinosoInvestigator
Marla FerryOfficer - Patrol Unit
Pamela ArvanetesTraffic Accident Investigator
Patrick BarbanesTraffic Accident Investigator
Ricky PenaInvestigator
Sandy GomezOfficer - Patrol Unit
Simeon GutzmerOfficer - Patrol Unit
Troy MurdockOfficer - Patrol Unit
Virginia JonesInvestigator